ROI for BNI Members

In our two previous newsletters, we discussed studies and surveys that confirm what we already know about the first 2 of  3 points.

1.Members get more referrals in BNI.

2.Members realize quicker sales in BNI.

3.Members receive an amazing ROI in BNI.

Now, let’s talk about the third point:  Members receive an amazing ROI in BNI.

According to a European survey done by the Murray Consultancy, the average amount of closed business from direct referrals and including 2nd and 3rd generation referrals equaled $54,720.00 a year.  Importantly, the survey also found that the longer someone was a member, the more substantial (on average) was the ROI for his or her participation. On average, members who were involved in BNI for 7 years generated $383,038.00 since they joined thereby underpinning the lifetime value of BNI.

So what is the ROI for our local chapters in Georgia and North Carolina for 2012?  The results are impressive.  Our members averaged $29,822.00 in closed business which is $855.00 per referral and our members received an average of 35 referrals each!  WOW!  Note: this is only first generation referrals!

Beginning in 2012, we set a goal to have 20 chapters reach over one million in closed business in 2012.  We were real close.  My personal congratulations goes out to the following million dollar chapters with special recognition going to the Ballantine Business Network that broke $5 million in business for their members.  AMAZING!

  • Athens Referral Factory
  • Macon’s 1st
  • Catawba Valley Business Builders
  • Ballantine Business Network
  • Mint Hill Breakfast Champions
  • Old English Networkers
  • Southpark Producers
  • Lexington Founders
  • Moore County Business
  • Top Producers
  • Clarity Corporate Connections

We have 11 more chapters that generated over $750,000 and 6 of those were over $900,000.  WOW, what a year!  Let’s blow the 2012 goal of  20 chapters with a million dollars closed business out of the water for 2013!

What’s your ROI!  I would like to know.


Opportunity abounds,

David Alexander

Executive Director