Corporate Connections Networking Groups

Corporate Connections networking groups provide a structured and supportive system of giving and receiving business for individuals who sell into the corporate environment. These groups are strictly for companies who sell to other businesses. We create an environment which encourages the forming of strategic alliances and a peer advisory group.

  • Corporate Connections - B2B Business Networking, Atlanta, Charlotte, New OrleansChapters meet weekly
  • Average between 25 and 30 members
  • Structured program where participation and accountability are paramount
  • Only one person per professional specialty is allow to join a chapter, eliminating competition for referrals
  • Great for any size company whose customers are medium to large businesses
  • Form strategic alliances and bring additional value to your customers
  • Peer participation in referral strategy planning sessions

Is Corporate Connections The Same As BNI?

Developed first by BNI Canada, the Corporate Connections program was created to address the B2B networking needs unique to those selling into the corporate environment. While the program is structured similar to a BNI chapter and built on principles that have proven successful, significant modifications have been made.

Corporate Connections embraces the philosophy of “Givers Gain®“: By giving business to others, you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old idea of “What goes around, comes around.”

Corporate Connections groups are tailored for those who are interested in making c-level contacts, who have experience with long sales cycles, and who understand the value of relationships that may need to be cultivated slowly over time.

How Are Corporate Connections And Referrals4Life Related?

Referrals4Life was pleased to be the first to manage BNI Corporate Connections chapters in the US. We have partnered with BNI Canada to help make this program as successful as the traditional BNI chapters.

If you would like help finding a chapter to visit or determining if Corporate Connections is a good fit for your business, please call our office today at 678.888.0200 and we’ll be happy to have the Director for your
area give you a call.

We don’t believe in high pressure sales. Our programs are all about helping people first and foremost; recognizing that business will naturally flow from generosity. So please give us a call today. We want to answer your questions and see how we can help you.

We promise to never share or sell your information!

Membership Details

Networking requires commitment. The most successful Corporate Connections chapters are comprised of participants who are sincerely committed to helping one another through networking. They are a team. As a member, you are responsible for complying with the policies and guidelines of the organization*. A partial list of the policies of Corporate Connections are listed below:

(*) Note: In the event that Corporate Connections general rules could potentially violate a professional’s ethical code, the professional’s ethics code shall govern.

  • Only one person from each professional specialty is permitted to join a Corporate Connections chapter.
  • All participants should represent their primary occupation and should have 5+ years of experience in their industry.
  • The participant’s average customer should have $10 million+ in annual revenue.
  • Attendance is critical. If you cannot attend a meeting, you may send a substitute. This will not count as an absence.
  • Participation in the chapter by members is a key to the success of a group. Members can participate by bringing bona-fide referrals and/or visitors to their Corporate Connections chapter.
  • Dues are paid annually and there may also be a cost for food/beverages at chapter meetings (varies by chapter).
  • If you apply to participate in Corporate Connections, your application will be reviewed by the chapter’s Membership Committee, and you will be notified of the status before the next meeting.

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