David Alexander

About David Alexander

David builds thriving communities of professionals who believe that investing in others’ success is the path to prosperity, and he creates this vision through being the CNO (Chief Networking Officer) of Referrals4life, LLC.

David conveys his passion for teaching people how to create success with a strong emphasis on referral marketing in his #1 best selling book: Networking Like a Pro: Turning Contacts into Connections, co-authored with Dr. Ivan Misner and Brian Hilliard.  He’s also a featured author of Roadmap to Success, along with Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey.

In his role as a respected international keynote presenter and trainer, David enjoys inspiring others to greatness. He has taught thousands of business people and companies how to “Network Like a Pro” and to dramatically increase their business referrals and profitability.   David lives the life of his dreams and is passionate about helping others do so.

David is a graduate of Western Carolina University.  He currently resides with the love of his life, Kimberly, and their two children, Christian and Peyton, in Marietta, Georgia.  He considers himself fortunate to be very involved with his family. His interests are: running, exercising, camping and spending quality time with family and friends.

Phone: 678.888.0201
Web: www.davidgrayalexander.com

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