Networking + Fun = Profits???

Does your networking have a positive impact on your bottom line? Are your networking events the most fun thing you do all week? Are you spending countless hours at events that don’t result in business? You need: Bottom Line Networking (How to get real results)

Learn techniques from our networking experts that will help you network effectively to produce real results. Don’t leave your profitability to chance. Instead learn how to grow your business by implementing a referral marketing strategy. It’s only a one day workshop, but you will leave with the tools to start impacting your business growth immediately.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in referral marketing who is not able to join one of our networking groups. It’s also great if you are waiting for a new chapter to form or for an industry opening in an existing chapter.

Course topics:
Module 1 – Building your Network
Module 2 – Effective Personal Advertising
Module 3 – Powerful Referrals
Module 4 – Motivating Your Network
Module 5 – Structure, Organization, Leadership & Success
Module 6 – Top of Mind Status – Social Networking Included
Module 7 – Referral Prospecting Seminar
Module 8 – Effective Follow Up and Networking

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