Three Way Tie Again

The Winston Salem BNI Top Producers are again our top chapter in North Carolina for the month of December. How do they do it? One factor is that they are averaging slight more than one referral per week, per member. With 45 members in their chapter, that is a lot of referrals!

In Charlotte, the BNI Referral Champions moved up into 2nd place and prove that you don’t have to be a huge chapter to have success. Their secret? Lots of visitors, averaging 4 per week!

Third place is a three-way tie between Lexington Founders, North Charlotte Cornelius Action Alliance and Charlotte Mint Hill Breakfast Champions.

Thanks to all of these chapters for their outstanding performance and also to the Directors who support them: Diane Michael and Sybil Melton!

Athens Continues to Dominate!

The Athens Referral Factory BNI chapter continues to dominate our traffic lights report. For the month of January they were up 5 points for a whopping score of 85! Cobb Barrett Business Builders jumped from 3rd to 2nd and they have added 4 new members in the past 6 months. Congrats and welcome to the new folks 🙂

The South will not be left out, and Coweta Fayette Business Partners is holding steady at 3rd place again this month.  Thanks to all of our members in these chapters for continuing to invest in others success. You can expect great growth for your businesses in 2011!

Chapter Challenge: Who Will Be The Top Chapter for GA and NC?

We know networkers love a challenge and the chance to win free stuff.

So we have created an opportunity for your chapter to gain visibility (and members)!!!  Also some lucky members will get a free lunch courtesy of Referrals4Life.  Oh yeah, they also get a great learning and networking event with the lunch!

The upcoming International Networking Day conference will be our best event ever, so we are starting to build the excitement now.  To do that, we are challenging our chapters to a contest and offering some special incentives.  The International Networking Day conference will have outstanding speakers sharing great information on how to improve your networking skills. This year’s theme is “Networking Redefined,” and one of our speakers will be a social media expert who will share how to effectively use social media as part of your referral marketing strategy.  In addition to an amazing learning opportunity, you’ll have a chance to network with the most connected business professionals in town and lunch is included in the ticket price!

Why are we doing all this?

Because we want to invest in your success.  The International Networking Day conference is a stellar opportunity to promote networking and success.

Why should your chapter participate in the challenge?

a.) For every 10 tickets sold by your chapter prior to October 15th, we’ll give you 1 free ticket to give away as a door prize at your chapter meeting.

b.)  The chapter who sells the most tickets over 20 by October 15th will receive a FREE EXPO BOOTH (valued at $274) at International Networking Day.  Expo booths are exclusive this year, so that means only one BNI chapter will be allowed to have a booth at the event.  And your chapter can win the booth for free!

For that extra edge and bang for your buck, a VIP ticket will allow you to bring a referral partner (or someone you’d like to build a relationship with) for free.  VIP ticket holders and guests will participate in a Q and A session with the conference speakers over lunch.

See the fine print for a few details and let the challenge begin!  Which chapter will win the prize?

The fine print:
Tickets sold to both BNI members and non-members count toward the challenge.
Each VIP ticket sold counts as 2 tickets.
Your chapter’s Event Coordinator will collect the registration forms and payment and mail to the Referrals4Life office by October 15th.
The free expo booth won by the top chapter is for promotion of the chapter, not the chapter member’s businesses.