In Your Words… BNI Member Success Stories

Member success stories from the real estate contact sphere.

clint miller

Clint Miller, Clint Miller Exterminating Company 

BNI Lunctime Link, Charlotte, NC

Clint is a 6 year member and 20% of his business is from BNI referrals. His advice for new members: “Stick with it. In the beginning, I was able to give more referrals than I received. Now it’s the reverse. I get 5-10 referrals each week, and I’m only able to give 1-2 weekly. You definitely get out what you put into it, and Givers Gain works! Don’t drop out after one or two years because the longer you participate, the more your referrals will grow.”





BNI Record Busters, Covington, GA

chris melton

Chris Melton, Pro Masters Plumbing

“I want anyone and everyone who is interested in growing their business to consider the benefits of BNI.  When Pro Masters Plumbing was first developed, we turned to the traditional means of getting new business which was advertisement.  Advertisement was costing us a lot of money and the type of customers we were receiving was subpar.  We spent a lot of time on the road trying to close 50% to 60% of our leads.  Since we have been affiliated with BNI, almost two years, we have eliminated a large part of our advertising, and, instead of chasing leads, we have been receiving solid referrals.  Our closing percentage of referrals received from BNI is almost 100%.  There are so many benefits that go along with BNI, such as: a sales team, networking training, and a long list of professionals whom you will feel confident working with and referring to your clients.”

BNI Peak Performers Triad, Kernersville, NC

eric devine

Eric Devine, House Calls Home Improvements

“After deciding on the Peak Performers BNI group and learning the right way to network, my business has grown. Actually, it’s grown in ways I never imagined. I joined in October of 2011 and, as of December 2012, I had over $63,000 in closed business! This business came directly from the members of the group and their networks. I taught the members how to refer me and essentially how to sell me and it paid off. Big time! Thanks to some very large referrals for things like complete master bathroom renovations and elaborate composite decks, I have over $68,000 in closed business… just since January of this year!”


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Networking Event as a Relationship-building Opportunity!

Step 1. Purchase a VIP ticket for International Networking Day on February 10th at the Gwinnett Civic Center so that you are committed to a business-growing activity and are motivated to follow through 🙂 Regular price:$79. Early bird price before January 10th: $59.

Step 2. Identify 2-3 potential referral sources for your business.

Step 3. Invite a potential referral source to attend a special networking conference as your guest with lunch included.

Step 4. Attend IND with your guest. Use the opportunity to find out how you can help grow their business and what a good referrals is for them (if you haven’t already had this conversation.)

Step 5. Make helpful connections for yourself and, where possible, introductions for your guest to the companies at the business expo.

Step 6. Lunch with your guest and ask the panel of conference speakers and networking experts good questions.

Step 7. Schedule a follow up meeting with your guest one week later to formulate a referral strategy that is beneficial to both of you. Hint: If you do not have the contacts your potential referral source needs, whom do you know that does have those contacts and you could make an introduction?

Click here for event details, speaker info and ticket purchase.